Celebrating Labour Month through Information and Education


Many people are not aware of why we observe occasions such as May Day or Labour Month in South Africa. To the majority of workers, it’s simply another holiday where we get to lounge around the house, binge-watch the latest series or visit friends. So in short – we see it as just another holiday. The truth is that these occasions originate from important historical milestones in the struggle to secure workers’ rights. Read More

Sabinet launches CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards

Sabinet is excited to announce that we have launched CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards as a part of our Sabinet Labour Judgments product on 6 February 2014. This additional search option contains all of the more than 300 000 Awards from 1996 to date. Access to these Awards will be available to all existing Sabinet Labour clients.

The addition of the CCMA Awards will assist users of the Sabinet Labour product to seamlessly access the full text of any CCMA Award in a few easy steps.

Sabinet will be adding the new CCMA and Bargaining Council Awards on a monthly basis within 5 days of receiving the information thereby making this service the most up–to–date and complete in the market.

Our new search page provides users with the following searching option: Keywords, Employee, Employer, Award Number, Hearing Date range, Award Date, Reason for Dismissal and/or CCMA Division / Bargaining Council. Alternatively users can use the Keyword fields to search across all the full text.

The Awards can also be accessed from a separate tab on the menu bar as can be seen below.

Should you have any questions please contact Client Services, tel: +27 (0)12 643-9500 or email: info@sabinet.co.za