Provincial Legislation just got better!

Our Provincial NetLaw product now consists of all Acts, Ordinances and Regulations in force. During the last quarter of 2014 we completed and added all Regulations in terms of Acts and Ordinances currently in force, making it the most up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive collection of Provincial Legislation. Read More

Finding Legislation is as easy as 1… 2… 3…!

More than 30 years ago Sabinet was formed and today we facilitate access to information for libraries across the globe. The aim of our service is to provide updated and accurate content so our clients can have easy-access to the information they need, when they need it. In order to enhance user experience, Sabinet needed to come up with a way to simplify searches, and who better to ask than the people who actually use our products?

Sabinet prides itself on the speedy addition of the latest information and Legislation which is why our products are updated within five days of receiving the amendment notices. Our legislation service covers everything on the latest Acts and Regulations as well as Ordinances from municipal level up to national level that are currently enforced in the country.

Our Legal Products offer the following to our clients

  • Legislation services are uniformed, our clients can effortlessly find info by simply filling in the electronic form and filtering searches. Also provided is a menu option and indexes.
  • Our Legislation services link together so users can navigate between different pieces of Legislation.
  • Our Legislation services also link applicable notices such as draft or amendment notices in the Provincial/Government Gazettes.
  • The latest amendments are highlighted to make it simple for clients to see the latest changes made to an Act.
  • A historical view of all amendments to Legislation is also available.
  • Weekly Newsletters with relevant links for all Legislation products keep our clients well informed of all the changes to the latest Legislations, our clients can also view the What’s New” Tab for any changes in Legislations. The Menu tabs makes finding any Legislation seamless.

Sabinet offers a central place where all legal products are kept. You can refer to any of South Africa’s National Legislations via the linked indexes, as well as search across a specific Act and Regulations effortlessly. Court Forms applicable to various courts are also available and everything is linked. National Acts can be searched for either alphabetically or chronologically according to province.

Provincial Legislation is Sabinet’s latest offering, as with all our products we try to integrate indexes and updated information with a historical view of all changes and amendments to these pieces of Legislation, to make it less complicated for you. Sabinet is the only company to offer a graphical timeline of each Act that shows the changes in each year as well as links to the different versions published.  Provincial Legislation can be found either by searching for them in chronological order or alphabetically per province. Provincial Legislation is available in downloadable PDF versions.

Our Municipal By-laws, offer clients an endless pool of information available at their fingertips. Clients can obtain any information regarding a specific Municipality from the Sabinet’s Legal Product. The Index ensures smooth searches, disestablished or name changes in the local municipalities are not an issue as it will reflect both the old and the new names.  Our clients can now get a list of all the By-laws applicable for each municipality as well as a list of which of these bodies have been shut down. Indexes are designed to either search per municipality alphabetically or municipalities per province.

Please feel free to contact Sabinet or drop us a mail for more information!

Sabinet launches online access to Provincial Legislation

A first for the legal fraternity – Provincial Acts and Ordinances, as they were at a particular point in time – available at your fingertips.

Sabinet is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of online legal information and has been in the online information industry for 30 years.

Sabinet has released its Provincial Legislation product, Provincial NetLaw, consisting of more than 440 Acts and Ordinances still currently in force and applicable to all South African Provinces from 1910 to date.

Says Ros Hattingh, Managing Director of Sabinet: “Following on the success of our South African Legislation product, NetLaw, the creation of Provincial NetLaw was the next logical step. Based on our experience with online legislation, we realised that incorporating point-in-time versions of the Acts would add immense value to users of Provincial legislation. We are pleased to be able to offer this new service to subscribers.”

Subscribers to Sabinet’s Provincial NetLaw will be able to search for the information they need, using an efficient and easy to use Google-like search interface. The ease of use and the accurate and trustworthy information available via this product will simplify the execution of daily tasks and responsibilities for users of Provincial Legislation.

Complementary services offered by Sabinet include South African Legislation (NetLaw), Retrospective Provincial Gazettes (1910-1994) and Provincial Gazettes (1994 to date).

We are still in the process of completing some outstanding Acts/ Ordinances and Regulations in force, whereafter we will complete all Acts/Ordinances/Regulations and assigned Acts ever published.


For more information, please contact, tel: +27 12 643 9500 or visit the website:

Launch of Sabinet’s Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw)

We are pleased to announce the launch of Sabinet’s Provincial Legislation product, Provincial NetLaw.

This product currently consists of more than 380 Acts and Ordinances still currently in force and applicable to all South African Provinces from 1910 to date.

This new approach to Provincial Legislation makes the Acts/Ordinances available as they were at a particular point in time and currently the product has more than 1000 versions of the Acts and Ordinances.

Annual scalable subscription options are available to accommodate various users, while ad hoc documents can be purchased on request.

What does our Provincial Legislation (Provincial NetLaw) product offer you?

• Current version of the Act or Ordinance is easily accessible.

• List of Versions provides you with a list of all versions of a particular Act/Ordinance.

• When subscribing to one of the 9 provinces you will automatically also receive access to the Acts and Ordinances which were applicable to the province prior to 1994. E.g. when subscribing to Gauteng province you will also receive access to Transvaal province.

• Searching capabilities on Act/Ordinance or Regulation title, Act/Ordinance number, Act/Ordinance year and province.

• Faceted browsing makes it even easier for you to find your required document.

• Links are provided in the full-text between sections of an Act/Ordinance to other Acts/Ordinances, where applicable.

• References to amendments, clearly displayed in the text of each Act/Ordinance.

• Alphabetical list of Acts, per province, is included.

• Chronological list of all Acts/Ordinances per province.

• Graphical Timeline shows you a visual graph of how many times the Act/Ordinance has been amended from date of commencement.

• Newsletter containing weekly updates emailed every Friday includes all changes to Acts and Ordinances with links to the full-text.

Should you require more information please contact Client Services, tel: (012) 643-9500 or email: