Google launches its “Chrome” browser…

Google Chrome Logo, originally uploaded by Randy Zhang.

Search giant Google has officially launched its own entry into the Internet Explorer-dominated market, dubbed Chrome.

In keeping with almost every advanced feature Google brings out these days – from blog searching to e-mail – the browser is in open beta, but it’s already getting plenty of attention. Built on an open-source platform – the source is already available from Google Code. The browser can be downloaded here. Chrome is unfortunately not without bugs. Type in “Chrome Bugs” in google and read some of the results. I have yet to test it with Sabinet’s products. Watch this space for more information on this topic.

Debian celebrates 15 years…

Debian, arguably the most important Linux distribution, is readying to celebrate its 15th birthday on August 16.

While a respected and widely-used Linux distribution in its own right, Debian has, over the 15 years, also been widely used as the base for numerous other Linux distributions, including the popular Ubuntu distribution created by South African entrepreneur, Mark Shuttleworth.

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Sabinet at Scecsal 2008

Sabinet exhibited at the XVIII SCECSAL (Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations) Conference which took place at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka, Zambia from 15 – 18 July 2008.

Madira Makhubela and Tebogo Methi represented Sabinet at the conference. Both of them said that they had a wonderful time in Zambia and good relationships were built during their stay. It was a good experience for Sabinet to be at the Scecsal conference and we thank the organisers for a well organised conference.

Sabinet at Scecsal
Madira speaking to delegates at Scecsal

The iPhone 3G was finally launched…

iPhone 3G, originally uploaded by snowingindoors.

Gadget lovers around the world on Friday crammed into stores to buy the latest super-fast iPhone 3G only to find activating the coveted devices was hit-or-miss due to Apple computer troubles.

The much-ballyhooed launch of iPhone 3G was marred by activation troubles blamed on Apple’s online iTunes system.

Telecom giant AT&T, the exclusive service provider for iPhones in the United States, said iTunes computer problems were felt internationally but did not deter people from snatching up the second-generation models.

“It’s an issue with iTunes,” AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel told AFP. “We’ve just had a great day. Many of our stores are sold out. We’re thrilled.”

Read the full article here ! Sadly there is no news yet as to when South Africans can expect this sought after gadget…

Microsoft announces new Xbox model…

Xbox 360 buttons, originally uploaded by louder.

Microsoft said on Sunday it is cutting the price of its 20-gigabyte Xbox 360 video game consoles and rolling out a model with three times the memory space to take its place.

The US technology giant’s announcement comes two days before the official start of a major Electronic Entertainment Expo at which videogame console makers will be striving to portray their hardware as superior.

Microsoft said it will trim $50 (about R380) from Xbox 360 models with 20 gigabytes in the United States or Canada, cutting prices to $299.

An upgraded Xbox 360 Pro model with 60 gigabytes of memory will hit markets in those same two countries in August with $349 price tags, according to the Redmond, Washington-based firm.

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