How to Evaluate Information: Where to Find Credible Medical Publications

Whether your research is for academic, health writing, personal or clinical study purposes, having access to credible medical publications is crucial to ensure the credibility of the information provided in your work. However, determining what information is credible is the first step towards understanding why making use of our extensive database of medical publications relevant to the African continent benefits your research.

Questions to ask before utilising information are briefly discussed below.

Who Published the Information?

Peer-reviewed medical publications are credible as the healthcare professionals and experts in the particular field of study review the articles and reports published to determine quality. You will be glad to know that we carefully select publications to include in our database. As such, only highly respected publications form part of the collection.

Does the Information Support Previous Findings?

Science can be wrong and new studies often contradict previous findings, which is why it is unwise to base an article or study on the findings of a single study in the particular body of knowledge. If all the evidence and results from previous studies by credible institutions and professionals have conclusions that differ from the new study, it is best to search for more information to substantiate the findings of the new study.

If you cannot find articles or reports in other medical publications in support of the new study, it proves that further research is needed. It can take several years before more data is available to support the findings of the study.

Finding credible sources of information against and in support of studies is possible if you have access to a comprehensive collection of medical publications, as is available through our platform.

Trustworthiness of the Media

If you are presenting information in support of your argument to a committee, parliament, court, or any other authority, it is essential that the information comes from highly credible sources. If the information is derived from news reports or television discussions, you cannot rely on the reporting alone. As such, you will want to study the articles or reports from the medical publications referenced by the presenters or reporters.

Having online access to bibliographic information and full-text articles from trusted medical publications is certainly beneficial in terms of time savings, cost-effectiveness, and credibility of the due diligence to determine the accuracy of information.

What About Information from Health Experts on the Internet?

Many health experts and institutions publish valuable information on the Internet. As a researcher, it is best to study the citations provided at their websites or in their videos. If the citations are from trusted medical publications relevant to the African continent, you will find it easy to locate those articles in our collection. We offer various means to find information including, but not limited to:

  • Search facility with the standard or quick reference search method, allowing you to search with keywords.
  • Advanced search facility that includes Boolean operators such as AND, OR & NOT, as well as filters according to dates, titles, authors, publications and more.
  • Top-of-page navigation that allows for browsing and vertical drilling down through categories.

Credibility of the Platform

The final question is whether the platform through which you gain access to information is credible. We meet every requirement in terms of credibility. Sabinet African Journals is one of the most respected online platforms for access to more than 500 highly credible journal titles and thousands of full-text articles relevant to the African continent. We provide access to medical publications of note. Subscribe to the entire collection, a specific category or selected journal titles for access to the articles or pay only for the articles that you want to download.

A Central Location for Credible Online Information on Criminal Law in Africa

Having access to a comprehensive collection of scientific, academic- and peer-reviewed journals relevant to the African continent and published in Africa is essential for any research purposes. Whether you are a student in criminal law, attorney, judge, law enforcement officer, social worker, human rights worker or academic, credible information sources are essential to ensure the validity of your studies, references and information sharing based on the information sources used.

With the latest health and economic threats that the global world population faces, having access to information related to your specific field of study from the comfort of your home or office is extremely beneficial. You can continue with your literature studies, locate important records of court cases, keep up to date with legislative changes, and collect credible information through usage of the platform. All you need is Internet connectivity. The collection of 450 plus African journals is available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

What makes the collection even more valuable is the accessibility offered. From the very basic navigation for browsing purposes or overview of what is available to in-depth searches through the basic and advanced search options are available. Filter options make it possible sort or refine results according to dates, publishers, authors, keywords, subject collections and more.

The main search options for criminal law related content include:

  • Search across the entire collection
  • Use the advanced search option with its many filters
  • Search within a specific collection
  • Search within a journal
  • Use the top of the page and side panel navigation to browse by topics or collections

The advanced search option opens a new page from where you can use Boolean style searching, filter according to access, accreditation and collection types, and even exclude full text from the search results.

If you choose to only search within collection such as law, you can filter within that collection or use keyword searching to find results that include, for instance, criminal law in the titles of the journals, article titles, or anywhere in the documents. The easiest way to browse by topics is to go the topics option on the homepage and choose the topic of choice, such as criminology and penology.

Results Output Options

The platform makes it easy to share the results of your search. You can do so through citation exporting, emailing the results, or printing such. Once within a document, you can add it to your favourites, email it, or download it. Citations can be exported in various formats, of which you can see such when choosing to export the citations.

Who Can Use the Collection?

Access to the collection is open to any user. Citations and full bibliographic information are available on every article or document listed. To view and download the full-text documents, register as a user and create your profile of interest. Choose the documents that you want to purchase and add to your cart. Select your payment option and download the document in PDF format. You can print it out or store it on your device.

You can also subscribe to, for instance, specific criminal law journals. With this option, you have access to the full-text articles in the selected journals and can download the articles from those journals without having to pay-per-content.

For more comprehensive access and savings, subscribe to a specific collection or collections, allowing you to have access to, for instance, all the journals relevant to criminal law. For unlimited access, choose to subscribe to the entire collection. You can set alerts to be notified of new additions according to your criteria for alerts.

Your Profile

Once registered, add your specific details and then access saved searches or select to execute the saved searches again. You can see a list of your favourites on, for instance, the topic of criminal law and manage them. You can also manage your social bookmarks, RSS feeds and alerts. The search history for your current search is available. Within your profile, you can also track your pay-per-view order history and manage your billing details.

We offer a user guide that can be downloaded to help you become an expert user of the user-friendly platform. Benefit from alerts regarding topic updates related to criminal law or another subject field. Register online to become a user of our extensive collection of African journals and related publications.

First clinical data on COVID-19 published in South Africa with COVID-19 Special Issue of the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine

Despite a growing data set on COVID-19 infection worldwide, there are no published local clinical data that have studied the impact of different aspects of COVID-19 infection in South Africa.  Wits University Press is pleased to announce the publication of the COVID-19 Special Issue of the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine.  In this issue many aspects of this viral pandemic in South Africa are reviewed and information and direction is provided for health-care professionals in South Africa.

This journal is OPEN ACCESS and covers a range of aspects of the pandemic, from the clinical to ethical and also the social dynamics of its impact, such as what are the ethical aspects related to the pandemic? For example, in the setting of severe COVID-19 infection; do you resuscitate because the prospect of recovery is slim and risk to a health-care team is very high? Which patients do you admit to already-filled ICUs and who are the decision-makers in this triage process? Prof Kevin Behrens, Director and Head of Discipline of Bioethics at Wits’ Medical School discusses many of these ethical conundrums in his review.

In this country with its vast social disparities, Prof Laurel Baldwin-Ragaven, (Wits Department of Family Health), presents a sobering overview of the social inequalities that exist in South Africa, on how some of these inequalities may play out during this unique situation in our country and what will be our responsibilities, both clinical and social, during this pandemic.

The vexed issue of the burden of HIV and tuberculosis in South Africa and the risk of influenza in HIV-positive patients is dissected by Prof Charles Feldman, of Pulmonology at the Wits Medical School. 

This special issue of the journal includes a guide to worldwide Medical Resources on COVID-19, as well as a handy poster-style PATIENT GUIDE.

Commenting on these difficult and somewhat scary times where social media is awash with all sorts of quackery regarding prevention and treatment remedies for COVID-19, Prof Pravin Manga, from the Wits School of Medicine, and Editor-in-chief of the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine says, “it is   during these times that we need to keep rationality and be guided by science rather than by emotion.”

Find the full list of articles on COVID-19 here and below: 


Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine – April 2020 

Volume 2 , Issue Si1 (article(s) published – 20 April 2020)

How to Get Access to a Comprehensive Collection of Human Rights Law Articles

From human trafficking and limitations on the freedom of movement and speech to inhumane living conditions, war crimes and the right to clean water and air are among the topics that fall within the human rights law subject field. With it being a broad subject field, a large part of the information is contained in related knowledge fields within journals such as law, medical, education, economic, and political subject fields.

To access current and historical information pertaining to human rights law through the Internet may seem easy at first, but with hundreds of websites to search, it can become a time-consuming process.

Our platform makes it easy to find highly credible, current and historical information, ranging from expert opinions and peer reviews to in-depth studies, analysis, and acts related to human rights law in all relevant subject fields. We have the largest of-its-kind collection of journals covering information directly related to Africa and journals published on the African continent. In addition, Government Gazettes, acts, and bills relevant to human rights law form part of the digital collection of full-text articles, and related publications.

Accessibility of the Information

The platform is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have Internet connectivity. It is well-maintained and easy to use. The top-of-the-page navigation structure, category options, filter options, and search facility make it easy to find results.

Sufficient bibliographic information is available in addition to abstracts to help you make an informed decision as to the relevancy of the search results. You can filter results as well. In addition, we offer an advanced search option for in-depth and highly relevant searches.

Effortless Information Retrieval

To retrieve the full-text documents from the listings chosen, you must be a subscriber to the selected journals, the specific subject field or the entire collection. As an alternative, you can retrieve the full-text articles on the pay-per-article basis. This entails using one of the payment options to pay for the articles you want. These articles are downloadable in PDF format. You can print them or store the articles on your computer. This option is well-suited for first-time users of the service or if you don’t regularly need to find scholarly articles and documents on, for instance, human rights law issues.

If you are a lecturer, academic researcher, journalist, student, lawyer or author, however, you will benefit tremendously if you subscribe to relevant publications, a specific subject field or the entire collection. Also benefit from the alerting options regarding new titles relevant to your topic of interest.

A brief look at two of the journal titles relevant to human right law serves to provide insight regarding the quality of journals you can expect to find in this comprehensive and growing collection.

African Human Rights Law Journal

It is a peer-reviewed journal that focusses on developments in protection and improvement of human rights on the African continent. Article topics covered range from the death penalty to child rights and women rights in Africa, to name only a few.

South African Journal of Philosophy

The quarterly publication is hosted at our platform. It publishes discussions on articles, article and book reviews, as well as articles in the field of philosophy. The publication often carries articles related to human rights law..

With thousands of full-text articles and more than 450 journal titles in the collection, you have a convenient and central location to find the information you need for research projects, lectures, law cases and more. You can also use the Open Access titles for free. Several tools are available to help you find, retrieve and manage your preferences.

You can also set alerts for specific publications. With that, you can stay up to date with what is published in your field of interest including human rights law-related publications. Know when relevant titles have been indexed and even know when one of your articles is published and included in the collection. Register online and create your profile.

Also see Law-making Process

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Academic Law Research: Top Reasons to Use Our Online Platform

Accuracy and relevancy are two exceptionally important elements of academic law research. With the Internet offering a wealth of sources, the information overload can quickly become a challenge. The problem is not a lack of information, but rather information relevant, current and accurate on the specific academic law research topic.

It takes time to scan through search results, especially if the sources are listed at different online collections. To solve the issues of time, relevancy, accuracy, and credibility, make use of our online platform that provides access to over 500 plus African journal titles. The collection is ever-growing. With only the most relevant and credible sources forming part of the collection, the issue of credible information sources is already sorted, as we have a team of professional information specialists assigned to manage the collection.

They also have the expertise to index the collection in such a manner as to make information easy to retrieve. Understanding that information retrieval can be a tedious process, we make it as easy as possible to find information regarding relevant full-text articles and reports.

Our user-friendly search facility allows for quick searches in the entire collection or in a specific collection to find relevant titles. You can also use the advanced search facility to narrow down results to a particular topic. It contains all the operators to make it possible to search within broader topics as well. You can search according to the topic, author, publication, collection, publisher, or even the year of publishing.

We offer a convenient pay-per-article option. This makes it possible to find relevant articles, pay for such, and then download it for immediate or later use. This is a suitable option if you only need one or two articles on a particular academic law research topic. However, if you regularly need such full-text articles, you will benefit from our affordable subscription options.

Several Subscription Options

We understand that you don’t necessarily require access to the entire collection of journals and publications. To this end, we make it possible to subscribe to specific subject areas, such as the law or education, as relevant to your academic research.

If, however, you want the most comprehensive access, then we recommend subscribing to the entire collection. Perhaps you only want to subscribe to selected journal titles as relevant to your academic law research. As such, we also offer you the opportunity to subscribe to specific titles. If, however, your research is near its end or you don’t regularly need access to law-related journal titles, select the pay-per-article option.

Extensive Collection of Law-Related Journals

Our collection is the most comprehensive of its kind and is ever-growing. With thousands of full-text articles from credible authors and publishers forming part of the collection, you can have all the information you need at one central location. This helps to save time in finding relevant sources for your academic research.

Affordable Pricing

Since it is imperative to keep research costs within the budget limits, it makes sense to use a facility that offers competitive prices. To this end, you will also not be disappointed with our pricing structure.

Value Services

Considering that academic law research also sometimes entails making use of sources such as Government Gazettes and legislative documents, you will be glad to know that we provide for a range of services to keep you up to date regarding legislative changes, policies, speeches, opinions, and more. Make use of our information services relevant to academic law research to stay current while also having access to credible sources for literature study.

Our legal information service delivery includes, but is not limited to:

Though you don’t need to subscribe to access our platform, a subscription is necessary to gain access to full-text articles, unless you pay per article. Register to become a user of our platform and set your information preferences. You can also set alerts and thus be in the know regarding new titles on particular topics. Get in touch for more information about our titles and the benefits of using the platform for academic law research.

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How Easy is it to Find Information on African Human Rights Using Our Collection?

If you need information on African human rights, you will appreciate the comprehensiveness of our online collection. Indeed, we offer the largest electronic collection of African journal titles and full-text articles.

The collection is searchable by means of categories, specific collections, the search facility for keyword phrases, and the advanced search for highly accurate search results.

With over 500 journal titles forming part of the collection and thousands of full-text articles accessible from our platform, we help to reduce the time it takes to find credible sources of information on topics related to human rights. Access studies, legislation, opinions and peer-to-peer articles from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

You can search through the entire collection and select only the documents that you want to download. Use the pay-per-article option if you only need one or two articles. If, however, you require regular access to information as relevant to your field of study on African human rights, rather subscribe to particular journals or the entire collection.

Open-Access Content

We also offer access to content forming part of the open-access collection. Such content is made freely available and can be accessed, whether you have subscribed to the collection or not.

Browsing Support for Ease of Use

With the ease of access and use in mind, we offer several ways to browse content. You can even search within a particular journal, within a specific journal collection, or filter lists according to date of publication and subject categories.

The global navigation system makes it possible to search within a journal if you are on the journal page. With the filters, you can refine the list of items to only show the ones that meet the specific filter criteria. We have added a further option of sorting the filtered list according to the latest additions or alphabetically according to article titles.

To help you track your search route back, you can use the trail at the top to navigate to the previous pages.

Search All Content

With the search facility in the upper right corner of the screen, you can search according to keyword phrases. This brings up all the sources where the particular keyword or a keyword string can be found. When it thus comes to ease of access to content pertaining to African human rights, we make it easy and quick to find the most relevant information.

Our collection contains free, open access, and subscription-based content. When you subscribe to the entire collection, you have access on all levels to all the content. You can also subscribe to specific journal titles or a category. This helps you to keep within your research budget regarding African human rights.

The advanced search option includes the ability to search for words within the body of the article, the title only, the publication title, author name and more. You can conduct an exact phrase search as well. Create unique search strings with the Boolean operators to exclude specific terms while ensuring others are combined.

To give you an idea of the content available on the topic, we briefly look at two titles relevant to the topic:

  • Title: Homophobia in African Law: human rights law by Chiara Van Ingen and Tshegofatso Phala as published in Without Prejudice, Volume 14 Issue 2, January 2014.
  • Title: African Journal of Farm Child and Youth Development. It is an annual publication focussed on integrated humandevelopment in the farm set-up. Our collection contains Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2002. The publication is not active.

We also provide abstracts for journals and full-text articles to help you decide which ones to keep on your list to download at a later stage if you want to.

When it thus comes to a central location where you can find current and historical journal and article titles highly relevant to your research on human rights issues, you will appreciate the many ways you can search. In addition, the comprehensiveness of the collection, as well as the consistency in indexing make this platform an essential resource for academic research.

Get in touch for more information on subscription options or use our search options to find sources for your research topic. Use the pay-per-article option to pay and download the articles on African human rights.

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South African Law Research Available Online

With the largest online collection of African journal titles and full-text articles in Africa, our platform provides easy and convenient access to essential information for research about South African law.

Our service is relevant to lawyers, academic researchers, judges, politicians, and students alike. The collection of journals and related publications grows fast. What makes the service so useful is the professional indexing of titles that includes the keyword in context abstracts and full bibliographic information. This makes it possible to decide whether or not an article or publication is relevant to your area of study on South African law before you download the full-text document.

What also sets the service apart and makes it exceptionally valuable for anyone interested in South African law-related topics is the fact that it is available 24/7. As such, you don’t have to wait for information. The document is available for download when you need it.

The Credibility of the Sources

A further reason why so many researchers and lawyers already make use of the collection to find relevant information on South African law-related topics is the credibility of the sources. Although the Internet has a wealth of information, when it comes to something that requires accuracy and credibility, access to  accredited publications is essential. Our collection contains high-quality and accredited publications. As such, the sources you can cite for literature studies or case reports are credible and recognised by authorities in the South African law context.

Searching to Find Information is Easy

Complementing our research services, we also offer legal information services. Whether you are looking for specific Acts, Government Gazettes or full-text, in-depth studies on topics such as unfair dismissals or laws against child labour, adoption, tax administration or property law, you can find the information even if you are not experienced in advanced search operators. To this end, our online facility includes a search option that makes it possible to locate information according to categories, specific topics within categories, documents containing the keyword phrases and more.

You can also use the advanced search facility to refine searches to meet your exact information needs. Our easy-to-navigate layout of the categories provides even more ways to find publications and articles. Gain access to the collection via your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. Designed to meet the search needs also of mobile device users, the platform is exceptionally fast.

The bibliographic information is available regardless of whether you have subscribed to the entire collection or not. This enables you to select only specific titles for download. Once done, you can pay per article. With this option, we make it possible for the non-subscriber to access information. The document is available in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed out.

For maximum benefit from using the platform, we recommend subscribing to specific titles or even better, the full collection. This enables you to find and download information when you need it without having to pay for each title. It is the most economical way to access the South African law collection throughout the year. If you operate a law firm, you will already know how important immediate access to relevant information is. Cost savings can be attained through the subscription option.

A Wealth of Up-To-Date Information

Our service offering started in 2001 and has grown tremendously over the years. Today, the collection includes more than 500 journals relevant to the continent.

Our collection includes several subject areas, some of which relate to South African law aspects. Apart from the law collection, we offer publications and full-text articles in the subject fields of business & finance, education, social sciences, agriculture and religion. The collection also covers categories such as science & technology, legal medicine, labour and medicine.

Up-to-date information is essential, and we understand that you cannot wait for several months before having access to the latest edition of a publication. To this end, our team of information specialists ensures regular updating of the collection, giving you up-to-date and relevant information.

Also pertaining to South African law, we offer an information delivery service regarding provincial and national legislation, municipal by-laws, labour, monitoring services, bill tracking, legal registers and parliamentary documents. We thus help you to keep up to date with changes in legislation with information relevant to your particular focus area. Furthermore, you have access to unreported and reported judgments. Keep current with changes in legislation and policies. Know when new acts are promulgated and when industry leaders provide valuable opinions. You can also access relevant speeches.Subscribe to the entire collection or specific South African law publications, or get in touch for more information