Sabinet launches new website

Visit the new Sabinet website
Dear Clients

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our new website is up and running.

Please advise us immediately should you have any difficulties in finding information on the new website.
You can send your queries to

We hope that you will take the opportunity to explore our new website in the coming weeks and provide us with your valuable comments and suggestions.

Many thanks
Shamila Duncan

Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund

The Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund has been supporting a number of projects such as ABET classes, Maths tuition, School children funding, Enterprise development (Shoma Computing and Nsobo Catering) in Tshwane over the past few years. The Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund recently invited libraries to send in proposals for  funding for projects in community libraries from regions other than Tshwane in 2009/2010.

The basic guidelines of this funding were:

  • a single project should not exceed R25 000;
  • a maximum of 3 projects will be awarded;
  • the project must be community based;
  • the project should make a measurable difference to the community;
  • the project must be able to stand alone (i.e. the funding cannot be used for an existing or larger project);
  • the closing date for project proposals was 30 September 2009.

The following information was requested in the project proposal (not existing 10 pages):

  • who the co-ordinator of the project will be;
  • a brief description of the library;
  • information  on existing outreach projects initiated by the library including outcomes of  projects (statistics, news clips, pamphlets, photos, etc)
  • a description of the involvement of the friends of the library or user committee in the library;
  • information on the marketing strategies of the library;
  • a  detailed motivation for funding of the proposed project including
    • a project overview;
    • a budget of how the funding will be spent;
    • benefits of the project to the community.

The Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund Committee evaluated the sixteen excellent proposals that were received and a decision was made as follows:

  • Makana Libraries Audiobook Project –The aim of this project is to provide children of the Makana District (which involves six libraries, viz. Hill Street Library, Community Library, Fingo Library, Duna Library, Riebeeck East Library and Alicedale Library) with easy access to audio recordings of books and stories, along with their text equivalents. Proposal sent in by Rod Amner (Rhodes University). Coordinators are Patricia Vubela and Rod Amner.
  • Thinking Skills for Ukhanyo Project – Thinking skills helps children to harness and improve the manner in which they speak.  In the process it improves their vocabulary, language development, listening, reasoning, social skills and most importantly, their reading skills.  Currently being offered and very popular at Masiphumelele Library (a ‘satellite to Fish Hoek Library), Lyn Steyn from Fish Hoek Library thought it would be a brilliant idea to introduce the programme to more learners and involve more teachers from Ukhanyo Primary School.  The coordinator of the project is Susan Alexander.
  • Media Centre at Watersmeet Thusong Centre – To set up a community media centre at the Community Library and Media Centre : Watersmeet with the appropriate resources and reading material for the disadvantaged community of Watersmeet.  The media centre will be furnished and equipped with research material.  Proposal sent in by Sandy Maharaj of Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality.

The coordinators of the abovementioned projects are required to provide full reports, news clips, photos etc. in order for us to report back to the Sabinet shareholders .

Thank you for your submissions.  Congratulations and good luck to the winning libraries!

2009 National Business Challenge Relay




Saturday the 3rd of October saw Sabinet proudly participate in the 2009 National Business Challenge Relay. The event is held annually in Pretoria. Sabinet wrote in a number of teams and all who participated agreed that it was great fun. See if you can get a team written in next year and invite us to a challenge. There is a very social atmosphere and it is great for building camaraderie… This event has become a regular on the Sabinet annual calender and we will be back there in 2010.


Hennie Rautenbach

Do you need a Greasemonkey ?

Allow me a few notes on what I have discovered in the last month. I have discovered that there are two types of people (aren’t there always ?) :-). Those who enjoy participating in Social Networks and those who don’t. I realize that this is a very broad generalization. I am mostly referring to two distinct groups ‘within’ the “Internet Savvy” domain. The first of the “Internet Savvy” user types are those users who have Internet at home, on their mobile device or who are not restricted from surfing the web from work. This group is comfortable in the use of personal email accounts, uploading images to image sharing sites and creating an online presence (Internet Footprint) on sites like Blogger, WordPress, Google’s Picasa Web, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn amongst other.

The ‘other’ side of this coin is the group who know how to use these tools but who want to retain their anonymity. These guys may (and I say this cautiously) believe in all sorts of conspiracy theories about how this information can be used against them, or they simply feel that it’s a waste of time to hang out in places like Facebook :-). I respect that. I belong in the former category. I am personally comfortable in the use of Social Media and participating in Social Networks. I have recently discovered a neat way to keep a profile of your entire “Internet Footprint”. It is on the site What is also neat about Retaggr is that it also allows you to create a signature for your personal email account. Much like you may have in your corporate email account.

There are some problems with the use of HTML signatures in Gmail. Unlike Yahoo, Gmail prevents the use of HTML in the email body. And this is where GreaseMonkey comes in. GreaseMonkey is a plugin for the (highly recommended) Mozilla Firefox web browser. GreaseMonkey allows scripts to be executed within the web browser to process or manipulate the display of the information on your screen. One such script allows you to attach a HTML signature to your Gmail email. I personally don’t use GreaseMonkey for my Gmail signatures. I prefer the Blank Canvas plugin for Firefox.

The GreaseMonkey script that works best for me, (amongst the hundreds of scripts available on is the one that blocks all those annoying invites from friends to join groups and install time wasting applications in Facebook. I really love Facebook, but I maintain that it will be a much better concept without all those time wasting add-on’s. If you feel the same way and want to have better control over what you see (or don’t see) in Facebook then install GreaseMonkey and this very nifty script !



New Challenges

When Gerhard announced that he was going to retire, many (I think all) of the Sabinet staff members were hoping that he would change his mind. Gerhard has really been a true leader and a role model for many staff members. I will go into more detail of the fantastic qualities of our current Managing Director at another stage, all I will say now though is that he is a hard act to follow.

Sabinet is about more than a single person, it is a partnership of many stakeholders. Sabinet has the best board of directors that any company could wish for, a management team that is knowledgeable, passionate and experienced, staff members that are dedicated and professional, and clients who are loyal and supportive. I am privileged to be able to work with all these people.

I look forward to the challenges of this new position and together with the support of the Sabinet management team (Pierre, Irene, Hennie, Kevin, Marco and Sanet), and all the staff members we will ensure that the company continues to grow and flourish!


Sabinet at Scecsal 2008

Sabinet exhibited at the XVIII SCECSAL (Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations) Conference which took place at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka, Zambia from 15 – 18 July 2008.

Madira Makhubela and Tebogo Methi represented Sabinet at the conference. Both of them said that they had a wonderful time in Zambia and good relationships were built during their stay. It was a good experience for Sabinet to be at the Scecsal conference and we thank the organisers for a well organised conference.

Sabinet at Scecsal
Madira speaking to delegates at Scecsal