The University of KwaZulu-Natal is now live with OCLC WorldShare Management Services®

University becomes first African institution to implement OCLC’s cloud based library management services

LEIDEN, Netherlands, February 10, 2015 – The University of Kwazulu-Natal, a leading African university, is now using OCLC WorldShare Management Services (WMS) as its library management system.

WMS provide cloud-based library management and discovery applications in an integrated suite, offering librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage library workflows efficiently, and improve end users’ access to library collections and services. Read More

Sabinet’s Annual Paper and Pizza day

“The hardest thing about recycling is changing our attitudes, we at Sabinet believe in a greener, cleaner and better world for future generations, remember, it only takes one person to start recycling.”

Regardless of how hectic our schedules are, each year we set aside one day to clean house! On this day, the Sabi-staff clean out the clutter from their offices, do their filling or get rid of all the items that were seemingly of use, they amassed during the course of the year. More importantly all the paper we no longer have a use for, is recycled. Check out our pictures on Facebook

Recycling paper saves trees, water and the energy needed to cut down and transport the trees, then grind them into paper pulp. Recycling all our paper can have a big impact on reducing the amount of raw materials and energy needed to produce fresh paper. Paper is often the major contributor to waste in the office, and it’s easy to recycle. In our office, we have boxes which are clearly assigned in areas where people can deposit their paper, including one next to the printers and copiers. Source:

We are responsible for preserving and protecting our resources for ourselves and for future generations, it is for this reason why we are involved in recycling projects. Materials which are not recycled are filling up our landfill sites.

The hardest thing about recycling is changing our attitudes, we at Sabinet believe in a greener, cleaner and better world for future generations, remember, it only takes each one of us to be more conscious about how we regard waste for the impact to be felt the world over.

Recyclable paper products:
• White office and typing paper
• Envelopes
• Faxes
• Printouts
• Accounts
• Junk mail
• Newspapers
• Cereal boxes
• Medicine boxes
• Tissue boxes
• Clothing tags
• Cardboard boxes
• Cards
• Magazines
• Flyers
• Pamphlets
• Brochures
• Catalogues
• Calendars
• Phonebooks
• Egg cartons
• Toilet paper inners
• Roller towel inners
• Notes
• Till slips
• Wrapping paper

Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund to make a difference

The Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund supports several projects in Tshwane such as ABET classes, maths tuition, school funding and Enterprise Development. Over the past few years we have also sponsored a number of regional projects.

This year we have decided to increase the funding amount to R30 000 for each regional project awarded. We encourage all libraries country-wide to submit their proposal for consideration. The Sabinet Chairperson Fund committee members will, at their discretion, decide on the amount of projects that will receive funding for the 2014/2015 period.

The basic guidelines of this funding are:

  • A single project should not exceed R30 000;
  • The project must be community based;
  • The project should make a measurable difference to the community;
  • The project must be able to stand alone (i.e. the funding cannot be used for an existing or larger project);
  • The project may also be one that endeavors to improve library infrastructure through the supply of ICT equipment or services to community libraries in South Africa;
  • The closing date for project proposals is 9 January 2015.

The following information should be provided in the project proposal and should not exceed 10 pages:

  • Name of the Project Coordinator;
  • A brief description of the library;
  • Information on existing outreach projects initiated by the library including outcomes of projects (statistics, news clips, pamphlets, photos, etc. can be used);
  • A description of the involvement of the friends of the library or user-committee in the library;
  • Information on the marketing strategies for the library;
  • A detailed motivation for funding of the proposed project including;
    • a project overview;
    • a budget of how the funding will be spent and
    • benefits of the project to the community
  • Project proposals should be clearly marked as follows; Sabinet Chairperson’s Fund Regional Project 2015 and be sent to;
  • The closing date for project proposals is 09 January 2015. Project coordinators will be notified no later than 16 February 2015 if their project proposal was selected for funding.

Once the sponsorship has been awarded, the project coordinator will be responsible to provide a full report, news clips, photos etc. in order for the Chairpersons Fund Committee to report back to the Sabinet shareholders.

Sabinet participated in the National Business Challenge Relay for 12 years running

Our staff participated in the National Business Challenge Relay for the 12th time this year. This event is held every October and every year, we look forward to it with the same, if not more enthusiasm.

We all know the benefits of exercise, and there are indeed many but this event provides a relaxing and social environment in which organisations can compete in other ways outside the strenuous business environment.

What makes the National Business relay great is that it is open to full-time employees of corporations, government departments, private companies or any other employment organisation where people work together. Each company may enter an unlimited number of teams and everyone is encouraged to participate. This type of event encourages teamwork and participation from people of all walks of life; everyone is equal on the track, from the CEO to the driver, competing for their company’s honour.

This year, we entered a total of 7 teams who competed in the two categories of walkers and runners, even though we came to compete, the main focus of the day was to have fun, and that’s exactly what we did. The Sabinet team didn’t disappoint with their team spirit.

This event is organised to promote company involvement and teamwork in the best spirit of competition. All participants are encouraged to wear their company regalia and rally non-competing co-workers to the race site to cheer their team to victory. Thank you to the Sabinet Cheerleaders who cheered our athletes on to the finish line and to everyone involved in making the day the huge success that it was! A special thanks to the sponsors, who even through this tough economic climate still sponsor events like these, thank you @Avis, @Sportsman’s Warehouse, @Athletics Gauteng North and @Magnolia Road Runners.

See you again next year!

Check out our Facebook pages for pictures of the Sabineters doing us proud! Go Team!

Sabinet is awarded “outstanding distributor partner” by OCLC EMEA

Sabinet was presented with an award for “outstanding distributor partner” by OCLC EMEA earlier this month.

Over the last 31 years, Sabinet has managed to build a strong local and international reputation for providing Africa’s information to the world and the world’s information to Africa.

None of which could have been possible without our partnership with OCLC, a non-profit, membership, computer library service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs.

The result of this enduring partnership of 19 years, is what allows us at Sabinet to continue in pursuing our mission of bringing world class products to South Africa.

“To a distributor who does not act like a distributor, but like a true OCLC team member. Sometimes they do a better job than we do and while today they learn from us, on many occasions we have learned from them, we would like to thank them for their outstanding performance with this award.” Dénelise l’Ecluse, Director of Sales and Marketing OCLC EMEA

We are delighted to be recognised as the Outstanding Distributor partner by OCLC and hope we can continue to win such awards every year! Thank you to our staff who continuously endeavour to make Sabinet a company to be proud of, and also to all our clients who continue to support us year after year.

Sabinet, still your trusted partner in library support services.

Sabinet Provides Support for small Law Firms and Tertiary Institutions in South Africa

Exorbitant operating costs are one of the biggest barriers in starting a small or medium enterprise in South Africa today. Many law firms and tertiary institutions in South Africa have felt this financial pressure, it is impossible for businesses and institutions everywhere to ignore these economic times

Sabinet has been facilitating access to information for more than 30 years. Since 2005, 21 tertiary institutions have been receiving free access to Sabinet’s South African Legislation product (NetLaw) and in 2011, 287 small, less advantaged South African law firms received the same. To date, this sponsorship amounts to nearly R9, 2 million.

“Access to information is our core business“ says Sabinet Managing Director, Rosalind Hattingh, “but more importantly, we understand that costs and reliability can be big factors when choosing a service provider and as an information provider we assure timeous and accurate information to law firms and tertiary institutions in South Africa.” Sabinet, as a company that cares for its community and its people believes that this initiative will contribute to the development and education of South Africans on how to use online legal resources as a simple, valuable and credible source. This initiative, funded by Sabinet, was designed to assist tertiary libraries and small law firms not only with legal information but also to uplift and support legal professionals or prospective law students.

Sabinet’s South African Legislation product (NetLaw) offers updated and consolidated South African principal Acts, Rules and Regulations from 1910 to date. All amendments as published in the Government Gazette are updated as soon as possible. Only the latest version of the Act currently in force is made available to eliminate any potential confusion.

To ensure easy access to the Acts and its Amendments, full-text copies with references are available in HTML format and Amendments in PDF format for easy printing and emailing. Sabinet also offers support to users on how to do searches and use the system effectively.

Sabinet facilitating access to Newsbank products in South Africa

Sabinet is pleased to announce that an agreement has been concluded with NewsBank, Inc., publisher of Access South Africa and the South African News Archive. NewsBank, has been one of the world’s premier information providers for more than 40 years. As part of this agreement, Sabinet will distribute the NewsBank services to Corporate and Government institutions in Southern Africa.

Sabinet is thrilled to be appointed as the distributor of this very valuable information source to corporate and government institutions in Southern Africa. This venture reinforces our commitment to bringing world class information products and services to Southern Africa,” commented Rosalind Hattingh, MD of Sabinet. “These products offer tremendous value to institutions in and around South Africa. Additionally organisations are able to customise their subscription according to their needs,” concluded Rosalind Hattingh.

The South African News Archive is the world’s largest repository of historical and current news from and about South Africa and provides access to historical full text South African news sources which are not available in this complete format anywhere else.

“The South African News Archive is an extraordinary new resource that will be of tremendous value to anyone researching current or historical news,” said Tim Russell, Vice President for International Markets at NewsBank.  “By offering so many well-known and respected English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu titles in a single, intuitive collection, we have opened up exciting new avenues for research.”

Access South Africa, a component of The South African News Archive, is the largest full-text, cross-searchable database of 130 newspapers, newswires, web-only news content, blogs and news feeds from across South Africa. More than 60 of those sources are unique to Access South Africa, including Financial Mail, Mail & Guardian, Beeld, The Citizen, Die Burger, City Press, Witness, Son, Daily Sun, Hermanus Times, Kouga Express, Ons Stad, Potchefstroom Herald, Stellenbosch Gazette, Vaal Weekblad and Volksblad, as well as Cape Argus, Mercury, The Star, Bolander and Isolezwe ngeSonto. The collection includes news sources from publishing houses such as Independent, Times/Avusa, Media24 and many more. Access South African contains 130 national, provincial and local current newspapers and is updated daily.

Organisations can use Access South Africa as a research tool for any related news item published in South Africa or as a media-monitoring tool. Additionally, daily alerts can be set up so as to ensure that an organisation is informed about the latest industry specific developments. This service also allows for an organisation to add quick links to popular titles so staff can effortlessly locate articles from a specific source or province.

Other NewsBank products available to corporate and government institutions via Sabinet are:

Access World News includes more than 8,000 news sources from nearly every country in the world.  Including all content contained in Access South Africa, Access World News is the ideal resource for companies needing information beyond the South African market.

African Newspapers, Series 1 1800-1922 contains 42 historical newspapers from across Africa, 23 from South Africa.  The forthcoming African Newspapers, Series 2 1798-1900 comprises of 60 searchable African newspapers published in the 18th and 19th century and 20 from South Africa.

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports 1941-1996: Sub-Saharan Africa collection was established by Roosevelt in 1941 to record, transcribe and translate radio and other news broadcasts from around the world. The complete archive has since become a daily record of events as they occurred and in many cases represent the only surviving records.

About NewsBank

NewsBank, Inc. is one of the world’s premier information providers, serving public libraries, community colleges, colleges and universities, schools, government and military libraries, genealogists, professionals and researchers worldwide for more than 35 years. Through partnerships with leading global news publishers, NewsBank provides Web-based access to more than 6,000 news sources, including newspapers, newswires, web-only sources, broadcast transcripts, journals, periodicals and other publications. NewsBank’s Readex division provides online access to a wealth of historical primary source materials, including the World Newspaper Archive, Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports and the acclaimed Archive of Americana.

About Sabinet:

With a sound track record of 31 years, Sabinet has firmly established itself as a leader in facilitating access to a wide spectrum of high quality and credible information sources. Over the course of the last three decades, Sabinet has managed to build a strong local and international reputation for providing Africa’s information to the world and the world’s information to Africa.

Our mission to support library technical process, promote resource sharing and enable access to information sources is underpinned by our dedication to the values of commitment, partnerships, understanding and support.

Sabinet’s roots are in library support services, where we are recognised for providing central platforms for collaboration and resource sharing among libraries.