The Library of Congress have published a new set of photos in their Flickr Commons account…

[Copenhagen, Helsingborg, Sweden] (LOC), originally uploaded by The Library of Congress.

The 169 glorious and majestic views of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in Photochrom Travel Views are part of a much larger collection that they will be sharing on Flickr as they move from the top of the world on down. It gives a magnificent then & now perspective… Click on the image to open the album.

Students to get cut-price Internet access

STUDENTS at 10 universities will be offered possibly the cheapest Internet access in the country under a scheme to build wireless hotspots on campuses.

Internet Solutions will spend up to R1m creating the wireless networks, and promises free connectivity for the first two months followed by a permanent discount to just a third of the normal fee.

Internet Solutions has been brought on board by Intel, the world’s largest microchip manufacturer, which announced the project on Friday as one of its two initiatives to boost SA’s standard of education.

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Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G, originally uploaded by jaydeep2net.

And then the hype died ! After months of anguished waiting, the Apple fanboys finally got what they had wished for: the iPhone 3G was (eventually) launched by Vodacom last week. At least we don’t live in Botswana, Croatia, Jamaica or other pioneering markets, such as Nicaragua and Madagascar who are still waiting.

Some, like editor of gadget magazine Stuff, Toby Shapshak are calling it the “Jesus phone”. Others are quite plainly saying “no thanks”.

Vodacom says it’s brought 30 000 iPhone’s into the country, but sources say that number is closer to 40 000. It remains to be seen whether this batch will be sold out as has happened in iPhone launches elsewhere.

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Finally ! The “Google Phone”…

TMobile G1 Phone Googles Android – Powered Cell Phone, originally uploaded by Sachin Tomar’s.

The long-awaited HTC Dream, the first commercial handset running Google’s Android operating system, will be coming to T-Mobile as the G1 on October 22nd. Featuring a 3-inch touchscreen, Internet navigation buttons and a full QWERTY keypad, the smartphone market has finally broken free of Symbian and Windows Mobile (amongst other). Exciting news as we sigh a sigh of frustrated relief that South Africans can *finally* get their hands on a Apple iPhone 3G, which will be released tomorrow (Friday 26 Sept).

Google launches its “Chrome” browser…

Google Chrome Logo, originally uploaded by Randy Zhang.

Search giant Google has officially launched its own entry into the Internet Explorer-dominated market, dubbed Chrome.

In keeping with almost every advanced feature Google brings out these days – from blog searching to e-mail – the browser is in open beta, but it’s already getting plenty of attention. Built on an open-source platform – the source is already available from Google Code. The browser can be downloaded here. Chrome is unfortunately not without bugs. Type in “Chrome Bugs” in google and read some of the results. I have yet to test it with Sabinet’s products. Watch this space for more information on this topic.