Access the Southern African Journal of Criminology and Related Law Publications

Our comprehensive collection includes a wide range of law-related publications, including the likes of the Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology.

The highly acclaimed Southern African Journal of Criminology is a peer-reviewed academic publication that focuses on professional discussions and the publishing of relevant results from research on crime and victimisation, power abuse, conflict, and defiance.

The respected Southern African Journal of Criminology is relevant to academics in the southern parts of Africa, and it deals extensively with conflict-related topics and crime. It is a Department of Education approved and accredited publication. It is published on a regular basis by the Criminological and Victimological Society of Southern Africa (CRIMSA). Academics and researchers alike, in addition to specialist crime investigators, benefit from the peer-reviewed content offered in this publication.

The above and many other acclaimed and peer-reviewed academic publications covering topics of justice, law, and crime can be accessed through our online platform. Indeed, our online collection is one of the most comprehensive of its kind when it comes to African journals. We provide subscription-based and open-access publications as part of our collection, giving academics, graduates, researchers, librarians, and students access to scholarly articles, studies, and findings.

Other southern African journals dealing with criminology, such as the Crime Research in South Africa, also published by CRIMSA, are also available to researchers and academics lecturing on related topics. The quarterly publication contains high-quality articles discussing everything from theoretical to empirical and methodological matters regarding crime. The publication is referred to as CRISA. It is an online publication for facilitating debate regarding crime phenomena. The articles are also peer reviewed.

Another southern African journal that is relevant to criminology and law is De Jure, which is published by the University of Pretoria. It covers law in general and has original research studies and articles forming part of its content offering. It is relevant to scholars, academics, and practitioners.

The Institute for Security Studies quarterly publication titled South African Crime Quarterly also forms part of our collection. The publication contains in-depth and precise analyses of trend developments in crime and the state’s response to such trends. It is highly relevant to anyone conducting research on criminology-related topics.

On a policy-creation level, we recommend the Institute for Security Studies Monographs, as they provide detailed results related to research, conferences by the ISS, and policy matters. They cover an extensive range of topics related to human security on the African continent, with several recommendations relevant to key players and decision-makers. Article topics also include aspects related to crime, such as views on organised crime activities, criminal justice, sector policing, violent offenders, case studies, and child justice.

For academics and security practitioners interested in topics related to safety and security within the broader security industry, consider the Servamus Community-Based Safety and Security Magazine. The southern African publication by SARP Publishers focuses on topics such as organised crime, criminology, freedom of speech, crime management, and more. It is suited for community members, security practitioners, researchers, and educators. Most of the articles focus on the human aspect related to community safety and organised crime, rather than technology, to address security issues.

We, furthermore, recommend viewing the southern African medical, marketing, and psychological journal articles related to the topic of criminology as well. Scholars, practitioners, and academics interested in the study of crime or related topics can access the southern African journals related to criminology online through our platform. Many other titles form part of our collection, thereby enabling access to in-depth research on crime trends, victimisation, and legal framework developments in dealing with crime. Interested parties are invited to use the standard or advanced search facility, and make use of the cross-reference search capability to find relevant full-text articles and publications. You can also contact us for any further information that you may need.