The iPhone 3G was finally launched…

iPhone 3G, originally uploaded by snowingindoors.

Gadget lovers around the world on Friday crammed into stores to buy the latest super-fast iPhone 3G only to find activating the coveted devices was hit-or-miss due to Apple computer troubles.

The much-ballyhooed launch of iPhone 3G was marred by activation troubles blamed on Apple’s online iTunes system.

Telecom giant AT&T, the exclusive service provider for iPhones in the United States, said iTunes computer problems were felt internationally but did not deter people from snatching up the second-generation models.

“It’s an issue with iTunes,” AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel told AFP. “We’ve just had a great day. Many of our stores are sold out. We’re thrilled.”

Read the full article here ! Sadly there is no news yet as to when South Africans can expect this sought after gadget…