Sabinet’s African Archives home to South Africa’s heritage

While 2020 has been a challenging year for most of us, September remains a time when all South Africans are encouraged to spend time with their families and loved ones – albeit virtually, socially distanced, or in smaller groups – reflecting on their country’s heritage and their own. Our Government’s chosen theme for 2020 is ‘Celebrating South Africa’s Living Human Treasures’. In a media statement, Department of Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa, explains: “In celebrating living human treasures, we celebrate the bearers of our indigenous knowledge systems.”

At Sabinet we understand that the richness and diversity of our nation is to be treasured but isn’t always readily available or accessible. We know only too well that, around the country, there are so many examples of these living treasures who still need to be ‘excavated’, their stories ‘encoded’, and their important knowledge archived for future generations to benefit from. Our focus is to continue to bring Africa’s story to the world, preserving and sharing the information that helps us understand our past and inform our future.  One of the ways in which we do this is through Sabinet African Archives – a growing index of more than 2 000 collections of consolidated African archives dating back as far as the 1600s. We also offer specialised digitisation services for the preservation of priceless content in a safe and secure environment.

This Heritage Month, we encourage all South Africans to take a moment to reflect on not only the living treasures in our country but those living treasures in our own lives. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of exploration and discovery to see what makes South Africa so incredibly unique.

Light it up: What the cannabis laws actually means for your business.

A storm of misinformation is being shared widely online as people seek reliable and accurate information. With the Constitutional Court judgment legalising the private use of cannabis, the Bill regulating Cannabis for Private Purposes has been introduced. Since then, a lot of confusion started rolling in as to what exactly this Bill entails and what it means for us, as South Africans. What does the cannabis laws actually mean for your business?

Regardless of your position, whether you’re based in the health industry (either private or public); a researcher trying to find their way at an academic institution (based locally or even internationally); somebody trying to understand legislation from a corporate perspective; or simply someone in service of government (both South African or international); it’s incredibly important to remain relevant when it comes to information that has the potential to not only change dramatically, but quickly too. 

Sometimes the sheer amount of information that’s out there can be enough to confuse users and, with the wealth of information which has appeared recently, Sabinet is hoping to curtail any potential confusion through its Customised Monitoring Services (CMS).

As part of our CMS offering for cannabis, Sabinet aims to provide its users with clarity surrounding guidelines on medical use, personal use, agricultural information regarding cultivation of the plant, as well as any movement with regards to Government and its ruling on the subject. 

What makes this service even more indispensable is that the early-warning service covers all legislation impacted by the new cannabis legislation, giving you piece of mind that you would be notified in any event of any legislation impacted by these new laws. 

Sabinet’s Customised Monitoring Services analyses 1000 newspaper articles related to parliament and 179 government media statements per month, 200 Gazette notices per week, 36 parliamentary committees and 26 government departments a day, to select only the information that will help you advance your business.

Sabinet, a renowned provider of online legal information offers an assortment of reliable, up-to-date and accurate legal information services is cognisant of our role as your eyes and ears, we use professional sources to certify unbiased and objective reporting.

This service lets you stay up to date with the latest legislation as well as the potential impacts of not being compliant with the law. Sign up to receive Cannabis related legislative and policy summaries with links to the relevant document sent straight to your inbox.


How to Gain Cost-Effective Access to Journals Relevant to Research

Regardless of the subject field or topic of study, comprehensive journal research is essential for a literature study. The same applies for any research to be conducted for the writing of a peer-reviewed article. To this end, our platform provides a one-stop online facility to find bibliographic information, journal titles, and full-text articles on a wide range of topics.  

You can thus rely on the largest resource for African journal titles to meet your information needs, whether for academic, law, medical, or individual author research purposes. We also provide a list of the most read articles together with a list of the latest additions.

An example of the type of information that can be accessed is briefly noted below, helping to provide insight as to the quality of the content available for research purposes.

“The South African public service and the ethical problematiques: the discipline and practice – talking different tongues – research” by M.P. Sebola with affiliation to the University of Limpopo. The article was published in the African Journal of Public Affairs, Volume Number 10 on 4 December 2018 (pages 57-67). An abstract is also given to provide information as to the focus of the article. In this instance, the topic of discussion is about the problem posed by unethical conduct within the public service and the delivery of services.

Search and Platform Usage Options

The above and other well-researched and peer-reviewed articles can be accessed through the platform. The extensive collection of more than 500 African journal titles can be searched through the basic and advanced search facilities, using keywords and filters. You can also use the top-of-page navigation structure and subject categories to locate titles.

Articles in journals within the Open Access collection can be accessed and downloaded free of charge once you have registered as a user. For full-text article access from subscription-based titles in the collection, you have the options of pay-per-view or subscription.

With the first option, you can view the bibliographic information of article titles. To download the articles, register as a user and select the payment option. Once paid, the articles can be downloaded in PDF format for usage. 

The subscription option makes it possible to subscribe to specific titles, journal titles in a subject field, or the entire collection. You have full access to the titles or collections to which you subscribe and can download the full-text articles.

Our collection is ever expanding and thus stays relevant to contemporary research. We also offer the African Journal Archive that is an open access service. It contains African journal literature from 1906 to current articles from various publishers in Africa. The project, sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, enables us to make this collection available to you and your users.

To gain an overview of all the titles that form part of our comprehensive subscription and open access collections, we recommend using the A-Z index facility. You can also use the navigation facility to locate a specific title.

For subject field-based research, use the collection navigation at the top of the page to find titles in fields, such as law, business and finance, religion, medicine, and more. You can also use the A-Z Publications navigation to find only accredited titles for scholarly research.

Why Register?

Registration is free and recommended. It enables you to create a profile and save your favourites and subscribed titles. We recommend downloading the user guide for quick reference and help to get the best value from using the platform.

Why Subscribe?

  • Fully searchable articles in PDF format
  • Mobile-optimised responsive design
  • Integration possible with Altmetric, Crossref, PayPal, and many more
  • Advanced search functionality to ensure more focused and accurate results
  • Easy to use and accessible anytime and anywhere
  • When subscribing to a title, users will have full access to the archive available for that title

Where to Get More Information

Get in touch for more information on specific journal or collection subscription for gaining access to comprehensive information for your research.


Get 24-Hour Access to Top African Journals for Research Purposes

Are you looking for a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed and accredited journal articles for South African research? Do you require in-depth discussions of clinical trials or need access to full-text articles relevant to labour law? If you have answered “yes” on one of the questions, then you will appreciate the convenience of our 24-hour platform for African research.

We offer several collections that can be accessed through the convenient online platform. With over 590 African journal titles and more than 425 000 full-text articles relevant to various topics, we are able to meet your research information needs. The collections include, but are not limited to:

The African Journal Archive is an open access platform for access to literature titles dating from 1906 to present. Whether you want information for a historical overview or require the most recent scholarly articles in your subject field, our collection does not disappoint.

Several Ways to Find Information

Regardless of how comprehensive a database is, if the information is not searchable and easy to retrieve, then it is simply a depot of data without value. 

To this end, we index the articles to include full bibliographic information, inclusive of citations. In addition, each article includes an abstract and the main keyword list. When you thus retrieve bibliographic information, you can gain immediate insight as to the relevance of the titles.

We offer various methods to locate African journal titles for your research purposes. Such include, but are not limited to:

  • Search across all content in the collection
  • Advanced search
  • Search a specific collection
  • Search within a journal
  • Browse by topic
  • Use the top-of-page structure for browsing by collection
  • Use the alphabetical index of journals to find specific journal titles

The easy-to-use search bar can be used to find authors, journal titles, article titles, or all documents that pertain to the specific keyword phrase. For highly accurate search results, use the advanced search option with Boolean operators to include only results where a specific combination of terms are found in the documents or titles. You can use filter options to filter results according to date range, author, and more. Once at a journal title, you can search for research information relevant to your topic in the particular journal.

If you simply want to gain an overview of the titles available, use the collections, journal title index, or topic groupings to find your way through the collection.

Open Access 

With a comprehensive range of African journal titles in the Open Access part of the collection, you already have free access to highly relevant and superbly researched articles – simply register as a user. This is a hassle-free process. Once registered, you can select Open Access articles to download. The articles can be downloaded in PDF format.

Pay-Per-View Access 

The alternative is to subscribe to a specific journal title, selected titles, a collection, or the entire collection. The subscription gives you access to the full-text articles in all the journal titles or collections to which you have subscribed.

The pay-per-view option is an affordable means to access specific articles for once-off or occasional research. For long-term, regular, or multiple topic research, we recommend the subscription option. This is, by far, the most cost-effective solution for companies, law firms, medical centres, colleges, and academic researchers.

What Makes Our Platform Perfect for Research?

It is a well-maintained and highly accessible collection of credible information sources for research purposes. Reasons for its usefulness include:

  • Accessible from mobile devices, laptops, and computers
  • Collection is available 24/7
  • Accessible from anywhere through an Internet connection
  • Product support 
  • Several ways to search
  • Ever-growing collection of full-text articles in African journals
  • Subscription-based and pay-per-view options
  • Includes the Open Access collection
  • Bibliographic information for citation

In Conclusion

Instead of having to conduct several searches through conventional search engines to locate specific database collections, use a single platform to access highly relevant African journal titles for your research. Get in touch to learn more about our affordable subscription options and register as a user.

scholarly articles journals African

Scholarly Articles on Religion Relevant to the African Continent

We offer access to online journals relevant to Africa on topics ranging from religion to politics, history, science, and law, to name only a few of the subject fields. The service has been available for almost two decades now and is one of the largest and easiest-to-use collections of full-text scholarly articles from top African journals. The focus is on information relevant to or originating on the continent.

As one of the leading information services in the country, our team of professionals ensures the inclusion and indexing of full-text articles in the collection. The searchability of the content is what makes the platform exceptionally useful for universities, corporate firms, government organisations, media houses, churches, academics, students, and independent authors.

The collection is the largest of its kind, evident in the fact that it includes more than 590 titles and as many as 425 000 plus full-text articles. It is an ever-expanding collection, kept current to provide for highly relevant information when needed.

Comprehensive bibliographic information is provided for each publication and full-text article. This includes the year of publication, volume number, whether the journal is still active, the authors, publishers, page numbers, and abstract. With keyword in context indexing, we make it possible to find exact matches for keyword searches.

We also offer filters to narrow down results. It is, for instance, possible to filter results according to the publisher, category, years, and more. You can also search with the top-of-page navigation structure, follow the vertical drill-down method by searching in particular subject fields or specific journal titles.

The collection of African journal titles includes the Open Access African Journal Archive that contains content made available for access and download, free of charge.

Subscription content is searchable with the full bibliographic information for each article but full-text articles are only available to subscribers. However, if you only perform occasional research on specific topics, you can opt for the Pay-Per-View method. This allows you to only pay for the articles you want to download. To gain access to this option, you need to register. This will make it possible to create a profile and keep track of your purchases.


You can subscribe to a specific journal title relevant to your research topic or to, for instance, the entire Religion collection which consists of 32 journals. When you subscribe to the entire collection, you have access to journal titles not specifically on religion, but which contain articles related to the topic.

The subscription option holds several benefits:

  • Ability to download articles in PDF format.
  • Access to the mobile-optimised responsive page design for easy searching and usage of information.
  • Export to citation tools such as Mendeley, End note, Zotero, Refworks etc. is available.
  • Advanced search facility that allows for Boolean operators to ensure exceptionally accurate search results.
  • Full availability of the collection 24/7 from mobile and desktop.
  • Subscription to a title also provides for access to the archive of that title.

Whether subscribed to a title or using the Pay-Per-View option, the articles are available for download in PDF format. As such, you can email or print the articles as needed.

Examples of Religious Journals

To give you an indication of the types of articles you can access on the topic of religion, let’s look at some of the journal titles below.

  • International Journal for Religious Freedom (IJRF)

The bi-annual journal of the International Institute of Religious Freedom (IIRF) covers issues of religious freedom and persecution of Christians. It is an international, peer-reviewed, and interdisciplinary scholarly journal. The title includes contributions from researchers, book reviews, news on the topic of religion, and documentation.

  • Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship

The interdisciplinary journal is available in English or Afrikaans and contains articles from a wide range of academic research areas. It is a quarterly publication with articles relevant to research about religion on the African continent.

  • Scriptura: Journal for Contextual Hermeneutics in Southern Africa

It is an independent journal that contains articles from researchers on the topics of religion, theology, and the Bible. The journal has an international scope, although it contains many contributions relevant to Southern Africa. The annual journal is published in several languages relevant to the southern African region.

Register and subscribe for access to the full-text articles from the mentioned and many other journals that cover African religion topics.

Our Comprehensive Collection of Science Journals Relevant to Africa

If you need access to science journals of note, then using our platform that includes the African Journal Archive is essential. With the main collection plus the African Journal Archive containing more than 500 respected titles originating on or relevant to the African continent available 24/7, you have access to the top science journals on a wide range of subject fields.

To give you an indication of the types of titles included in the collection, let’s briefly take a closer look at some of the science journals forming part of the collection.

South African Journal of Chemistry

The annual publication contains original contributions in all areas of chemistry. Contributions range from short communications to critical reviews and papers. It is accredited with Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) SA, and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. Our collection contains from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 1918 to present.

South African Journal of Science

The bi-annual publication forms part of the Open Access collection. The main objective of the publication is to give exposure to South African and African-related research through the inclusion of original research articles. It is relevant to policymakers, scientists, scholars, and educators. With its multidisciplinary character, the publication is relevant to all fields of study. It also provides a platform for discussions regarding developments in higher education and research. It is one of the SciELO and Science Citation Index accredited journals. Our collection contains from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2001 to present.

African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

It is one of the Sabinet hosted journals, only available to sub-Saharan countries. The tri-annual publication aims to make research findings and well-researched articles on science, mathematics, and technology accessible. It contains articles focussed on creating a better understanding of sociocultural issues and curricular policies. It focusses on encouragement of methodological discussions as well. It is one of the journals with accreditation from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). Our collection is from Volume 6 of 2002 to present.

Journal of the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) The SAVA journal is an annual publication focussed on the provision of scientific information across all areas of veterinary science. It serves as a platform for researchers, scholars and practitioners for documenting observations and publishing results of studies. It thus serves as a record of knowledge development in the veterinary sciences. It is thus one of the critical journals for reference regarding research in the field. Our collection is from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 1927 to present.

South African Medical Journal

If you are looking for medical science-related information, then this title is one of the most important journals to consider. The monthly publication provides a platform for the publishing of medical research findings in South Africa. It is highly relevant to researchers, medical practitioners, and students in medical-related fields. It forms part of our Open Access collection beginning at Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2003 until the present.

Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM)

It is one of the journals forming part of our African Journal Archive Collection. It is relevant to researchers, engineers, geologists, and scientists working on topics related to mining and metallurgy. Our collection contains titles from 1927 to 2007.

South African Journal of Plant and Soil

A Sabinet hosted publication, only available to sub-Saharan countries, the quarterly publication contains highly credible research papers related to applied plant & soil sciences. The content is of particular importance to scientists, agricultural researchers, academics, and policymakers in South Africa. Our collection contains from Volume 24, Issue 4 of 2007 to present.

The above introduction to some of the science-related journals in our collection serves to show the diversity and quality of publications that are accessible through our online platform. With many more subject fields covered, we thus make it possible to access accredited titles relevant to your particular field of study.

We provide comprehensive bibliographic information on each full-text article and journal title included. This helps you to make an informed decision on which articles to download for your particular study. In addition, we provide the option of Pay-Per-View that allows for downloading of articles from journals to which you have not subscribed. You can also subscribe to a specific field or the entire collection for full access to all the articles in the collection. 

Make use of our search facility or the category option to find science journals of interest and subscribe for the best possible access to information relevant to your field of study.


Business Research Resources: Best Platform for Top Trade Journals

Business Research Resources: Best Platform for Access to Top Trade Journals

Few small- to medium-sized South African firms can still afford to operate their own information centres for business research. Subscription to trade journals, management of the said subscriptions, filing, and making the content available to the relevant managers is a full-time job, requiring the appointment of at least on special librarian or information specialist. 

In addition, storage of the trade and law journals take up valuable floor space. With commercial property rental calculated per square metre, every firm has to carefully plan the use of the floor plates to minimise the cost-to-company and maximise the income generation capacity per square metre.

How Does Cost Management Affect Business Research?

Partly because of the expenses associated with operating an in-house information centre and storing trade journals, an increasing number of companies have moved away from hard copy journal subscription to electronic copies. Another reason has to do with the growing trend of sustainable operations to minimise the use of paper.

Even so, if every researcher, executive or manager has to subscribe to their preferred journal titles, it adds considerable cost to the company. What is the solution, if any?

Subscribe to The Trade Journals Forming Part of Our Comprehensive Collection

We offer the most extensive of its kind digital collection of African-based journals on the continent. We also have the resources and expertise to ensure every title in our collection is credible. Managers, policymakers, academics, and financial journalists thus have the opportunity to select journal titles to which they want to subscribe and have full access to the content of these subscription-based journals.

The company can subscribe to the entire collection or selected titles. Instead of each manager receiving their own titles, they have access to the electronic information and can download only the articles they need for their business research. The solution thus helps firms to save money without compromising on access to information for their information workers, researchers, and executives.

Whether law, finance, corporate governance, labour, or technology topics are relevant to your firm’s business research needs, you will find our collection of 430 plus titles and over 350 000 full-text articles comprehensive. The collection includes accredited and peer-reviewed titles from reputable publishers.

A closer look at some of the titles relevant to business research provides insight as to the types of trade and academic journal titles in our collection.


The journal was first published in 2000 and is now considered to be one of the leading corporate finance journals, relevant to various business research topics. The quarterly publication focuses on mergers and acquisitions, it is a superb source for information on local and international merger and acquisition trends. Expert opinions are shared by finance practitioners. The Editorial Advisory Board heads the journal made up by member firms such as Bowman Gilfillan, Investec Bank, Webber Wentzel, and Rand Merchant Bank, to name only a few of the highly credible members.

African Finance Journal

The bi-annual publication is a trusted source for information relevant to finance research. The journal provides a balance between empirical and theoretical studies. Papers forming part of the International Bibliography of Social Sciences’ accredited title focus on the subject areas of Finance, Economics and Accounting. Our collection includes from Volume 1 Issue 1 of 1999 until present.

African Journal of Business and Economic Research (AJBER)

The blind refereed international quarterly journal offers an extensive range of articles from policymakers, business practitioners, and academics on topics relevant to economic research. Its goal is to improve the quality and depth of empirical and theoretical research, create a wider and deeper understanding of how economic decisions affect Africans, and to inform readers about practices and policies. Our collection includes from Volume 1, Issue 1 of 2006 to current. 

Business and Social Sciences Journal (BSSJ)

Published by the Research Excellence Institute of South Africa, this open access publication is a peer-reviewed and refereed journal of note. The publication aims to provide a relevant intellectual forum for the sharing of knowledge by scholars from the African continent. It provides a special focus by post-graduate students. As such, the quality of the content is brilliant and well-suited for use as a source for a literature study.

The above titles are merely examples of the types of journals forming part of our business research and finance collections. Use our search facility for finding article titles and subscribe to titles of interest to enjoy unlimited access to the full-text articles.