Wireless User Groups

I attended a speaker evening last night. First thought the topic is WAY over may head/knowledge span, but it turned out to be very interesting – Wireless User Groups.

Jeff Hinds from Pretoria Wireless User Group (PTAWUG) was the presenter. PTAWUG is a free, non-profit, community wireless network operating in Pretoria and surrounding area.

PTAWUG allows users to do anything they would normally do on a network: play games, share files – anything that can run on TCP/IP. It is a free communication medium for all non-profit and non-commercial uses. It also offers a great learning experience, as all users learn to use and understand wireless equipment.

As there are no monthly subscription or membership fees, they mostly make use of donations to cover cost. The network is built and maintained by the users.

With PTAWUG there are no speed limits, this means you can transfer as fast as your hardware and signal strength allows you to. Also, transfer as much data as your hardware allows.

To form part of the PTAWUG you need to buy your own equipment to connect. The cost hereof depends on your location and distance from a highsite, but it seems very affordable. Step by step instructions will easily assist anyone with the initial installation.

The South African Wireless User Groups (www.wug.za.net) website will also give you more information on User Groups around the country.

Some of the WUGs:

Off course the goal of the SA Wireless User Groups is to integrate all the WUGs around the country and potentially link them together in the future.

Indeed very exciting!

This is a picture of a highsite mounted in a tree! – Indeed, the signal will grow every year….